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Best factory for fashion apparel

How is the Best factory for fashion apparel?

we are a High-quality clothing manufacture- Portugal completely vertical.

Research fabrics, do embroidery and everything else!!!

We produce shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, Pants,Chino, denim, bottoms, jackets and other styles (we work with 100% Cotton and Mixtures, light-weight and heavy fabrics. We work jersey, jersey/lycra;piquet; fleece, mixtures with lurex among woven fabrics, such as coats, chinos, jeans, shirts etc.

We are a factory  products prepared for produce all types of garment wash and garment dye, since T Shirts , pants , jackets , sweatshirts etc ,  and we work with all types of stamping

factory for fashion apparel CFB

The frequently questions for a Fashion factory!

– how fast can you develop samples/production? Depending on the time of year and the sample, if we use our fabrics in our stock normally we can develop the sample in one week. For production we normally have a delivery time of 6/8 weeks after receiving the order.

– can you supply any fabrics?

Yes, we work in a fully factored basis.

– what are your minimum quantities? 80 per  style

– where are your factories located? Barcelos  , 15 minutes from Porto airport

– Are you an agent or a factory? We’re in reality we are 3 Factory:

1-expert in making fabrics woven jeans, chinos, jackets shirts etc

2-specialist knit, T-shirts, cardigan, sweatshirts, hoodie, jackets , pants

3-Tech jackets, puff jackets

we develops the prototypes and patterns and prototypes .The productions are made in our partners controlled by us. We can produce men and women knit and woven fabrics.

– what’s your experience so far? We work with very recognized brand on the market, as luxury brands and also do clothes of protection that requires several non patentable licenses to produce these special garments

– can you send us fabrics / styles you already created? It is possible to send Fabrics samples and send photographs of styles made, but I really think that the best way is you guys visit the factory.

– how do you usually operate with your clients (process/informations you need/sourcing etc) We are totally vertical, since the fabrics research, fitting , patterns, prototypes and production.

We have a designer to better understand your DNA as a brand, and we suggest clothing styles if you want as well as briefings.

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factory for fashion apparel CFB Portugal textile

Create Fashion Brand only manufactures the highest quality clothes with eco-responsible fabrics, so big brands are delighted to work with them. Check more info 

Wrapping up

The fashion industry is shifting to more eco-friendly Clothing, and CFB is one of the leading manufacturers that had a hand in this shift. The combination of style and quality without compromising on their mission for sustainability has earned them quite the reputation among the world’s biggest brands and fashion enthusiasts. 

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand