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CFB - Create Fashion Brand - Portugal Clothing Manufacturer
July 15, 2022

Portugal clothing manufacturer has earned, throughout the years, global recognition and prestige for its quality, innovation, creativity, resilience and responsiveness. In fact, most production...

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CFB - What's Jersey Fabric
July 5, 2022

What is Jersey Fabric? Jersey fabric is a knit fabric that is usually utilized in clothing. Previously, most jersey was made with wool, yet...

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CFB- Jacquard Fabric
June 22, 2022

Introduction In the event that you investigate your home, and closet, the odds are Jacquard Fabric will highlight some place. Famous for formal night...

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Hoodie Regular Fitting -High-quality clothing Blanks CFB
June 16, 2022

High-quality clothing Blanks collection you can customize    Use our builder (click on the Style) what is the best High-quality luxury streetwear blanks  producer...

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CFB- Screen Printing vs Digital Printing
June 14, 2022

Screen Printing vs Digital Printing: What’s the difference? Screen printing is the classic technique of pushing plastic-based ink through mesh and onto the garment....

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CFB- Garment Manufacturers
June 7, 2022

Introduction Carbon footprint is the term used to evaluate the total emission of greenhouse gases by human activities. Garment Manufacturers is identified as one...

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CFB - Clothes Manufacturing
May 25, 2022

Clothes Manufacturing bears a rich terminology used by artists, designers, and producers to communicate about all aspects of creating textiles to be used for...

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That organic cotton t-shirt may not be as organic
April 18, 2022

Why is organic cotton better for people and planet?   what does organic t shirt mean? Organic farming works in harmony with nature. Farmers...

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