How to Find Clothing Suppliers CFB

How to Find Clothing Suppliers CFB

Finding the appropriate Clothing Suppliers to launch a clothing line might be a make-or-break choice for your apparel brand’s future.

There are several tools available to help guide you on your road to selecting the ideal manufacturer for you if you have never looked out garment manufacturing firms before.

You’ll receive an overview of the best techniques to identify the appropriate Clothing Suppliers for your next project in this post, as well as access to our free clothing manufacturers directory and our premium garment manufacturing directory to help you get started establishing your clothing business.

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Domestic Europe vs. Overseas Clothing Suppliers

A classic question when looking for suppliers if you plan to manufacture or wholesale is whether you want to source domestically or from overseas.

Overseas can refer to any location overseas but since the readership of this site is mostly Europe, when we refer to overseas suppliers, we are referring to clothing manufacturers in countries like India, China, and Taiwan.

You likely already know that it’s almost always cheaper to source your products overseas but there’s a lot more to that decision than just the upfront investment and cost per unit.


How to Find Clothing Suppliers(Cfb EUROPE) GARMENT MANUFACTURING




Clothing Suppliers chine toxic dying






Where to Look for Clothing Manufacturers(garment manufacturing) CFB create fashion brand

Where to Look for Clothing Manufacturers(garment manufacturing) CFB create fashion brand

Where to Look for Clothing Manufacturers(garment manufacturing)

Now that you have a better idea of the pros and cons of finding manufacturing partners domestically and abroad, you can begin your search.



“As you probably can imagine, searching Google is a great way to find clothing manufacturing companies if you’re willing to dig deep and work hard to find them.

The most important thing to keep in mind when searching Google is that it’s not easy to find them. Factories and manufacturers notoriously do a poor job of keeping their websites updated and optimized for modern times. That means that most of the factory websites are very outdated and aren’t optimized for Google searches.

What this all boils down to is that fact that you’ll have to dig deep. Really deep. It’s not unusual to have to parse 20-30 pages on Google before finding what you’re looking for. So don’t give up.

Make sure you also try a variety of search terms. You might just be searching for “t-shirt manufacturer” but you may need to be less specific and search for keywords like “apparel manufacturer” too.”

How explain Richard Lazazzera


Local Fashion Schools & Incubators

Another great place to find manufacturers for your clothing and apparel brand is by calling or visiting a local fashion school or fashion and apparel incubator.

These institutions are rich sources for vetted manufacturers since these schools and incubators tend to have good relationships with many manufacturers and make use of them regularly.

Try giving them a call or emailing them and ask for referrals to local manufacturers that can help you with your project.


Referrals- what you shouldn’t do

As you’re using the methods listed in this post and talking to potential Clothing Suppliers and garment manufacturing, you’re very likely to hit a bunch of dead ends.

Maybe your order will be too small for a potential garment manufacturing collection , maybe they can’t do what you need them to do, or maybe they are just too busy to take on new customers.

While these may feel like dead ends and setbacks, you can still make the most of each of these conversations by asking every person and company you speak with if they know any other factories or manufacturers that they could recommend.

The fact that they are in this industry likely means they have some good friends and contacts they can likely share with you to help you get closer to finding your perfect clothing manufacturing partner.


Sustainable Clothing Suppliers or cheap garment manufacturing

A way to reuse textile waste is by recycling the materials and remodeling them back into their original form. Minimizing the usage of raw materials can reduce the textile industry’s pressure on the environment, while the recycling process requires a great amount of energy, meaning material reuse could be a great alternative.

At the Materials Experience Center (MEC), powered by PTIMG, they champion sustainability and material experimentation in order to contribute to a circular production of yarn, making synergy between material and design.

The same goes for CFB textile producers in Portugal focused on their zero carbon footprint project or water ink Screen printers focused on creating more direct to garment fabrications along with waterless printing solutions.

Final verdict: How do I choose a wholesale clothing distributor?

if you care about the environment, you should make your clothing brand your image.
The public is increasingly concerned with the environment, because the environment damage is no longer the future, it is now!

CFB believes in striving hard for making a change in this society. Our input revolves around the ultimate effort to have a fruitful output for the environment.

Our globally recognized quality has been winning hearts for the last three decades. We are looking forward to expanding our eco-friendly business sector and reducing the carbon footprints in many more coming decades.


garment manufacturing Cfb Portuguese textile company

wholesale boutique clothing suppliers wholesale retail clothing suppliers boutique wholesale clothing suppliers wholesale clothing suppliers in china How do I find a clothing brand vendor? What is a clothing supplier? What is the best website for wholesale clothing? 

What is a manufacturer of clothing?

How do you find the manufacturer of clothing?Create Fashion Brand factory in Europe

Clothing manufacturers Europe!

Manufacturer of clothing includes numerous operations necessary to make a garment. It includes processes like cutting, sewing and finishing.

The whole manufacturing process breaks down into a number of sub-operations need for constructing a particular garment. Some of these operations vary depending on the type of the equipment available, work methods used and workers’ skills. 

Garment suppliers deal with converting raw materials into finished goods.

This process involves quality checks, quantity, cost, evaluation of fit/sizes, sizing standardization, and much more to produce a diverse product mix. 

One of the key elements of manufacturer of clothing is production planning.

Production planning ensures that each operation is performed with maximum efficiency.

It also helps foresee every step in a huge number of daily operations. As well as managing manpower, machines, materials and payments. 

How do you find the manufacturer of clothing?

The basic clothes manufacturing process includes these several stages: 

  1. Production planing
    1. Order received
    2. Checking capacities 
    3. Delivery date 
  2. Checking availability 

    1. Materials 
    2. Trims/Notions 
    3. Patterns 
  3. Checking time frames 

    1. Order Fabrics 
    2. Order Trims
    3. Sample Making 
  4. Confirming delivery date with the client

    1. Sample approval
    2. Final review
    3. Delivery date set 
  5. Managing departments

    1. Communication 
    2. Monitoring
    3. Re-plan in needed

CMT (Cut, make, trim) clothing production

CMT (Cut, make, trim) is one of the two main garment production types. It is a service that includes cutting, trimming and sewing the garment into a fully finished product.

If you are interested in starting a brand or if you already own one and would like to use this type of manufacturing for your clothing business make sure to have these on hand: 

After receiving the needed information, the factory will start producing the garment. Fabric will be cut according to the technical sketches and patterns. Pieces will be sewed together according to the construction requirements. Sizes will be adjusted according to the Grading Sheet provided.

At the final stage, garment supplier will perform a quality check to make sure everything meets the clients expectations. 


Benefits of CMT- on Manufacturer of Clothing

In CMT production manufacturers often use the latest technology and machinery. These factors ensure the best quality possible for the final garment. 

Since the CMT factories work with Specification Sheets that the brand provides they don’t spend and resources on things like pattern making. They can fully focus on providing the best quality of cutting and sewing. 

In CMT production brands have full control over fabric selection, labels, trims, and packaging. This saves a ton of time and money for both parties. 


Clothing Manufacturing CFB textile company

Drawbacks of CMT

CMT is for brands who already have some experience in the production process and have a strong factory-ready tech-pack.

Since factories using the CMT production are working according to the brand’s Tech Packs many errors might occur. Which can be very costly to the brand and the dispute will be time-consuming for the clothing manufacturer. 


FPP (Full Production Package) Manufacturer of Clothing

FPP or Full production Package is a clothing production type where a manufacturer provides all stages of garment building to the brand. 

These stages include:

Basically, FPP includes both CMT and all other aspects of garment manufacturing. 


To start the manufacturing process the factory:

In short, factories that offer FPP can walk brands through the whole process of product development. 

How do you find the manufacturer of clothing? CFB Portugal factory

Benefits of FPP

For brands who are just getting started FPP is an excellent choice. Factories offering this type of clothing production will provide their help in all stages of product development, from initial designs and fabric sourcing to constructing a final product.

Factories providing FPP are very high demand between emerging brands. This ensures consistent traffic of new clients for the manufacturers. 



Drawbacks of FPP 

Considering the fact that FPP clothing production provides service for a variety of stages of product development the amount of investment for the brand is higher. 

At the same time manufacturers who want to offer FPP type of clothing production have to make sure they have resources, capacities, and skills required, Including pattern makers, grading experts. Fashion specialists. 

Low minimum clothing manufacturers vs Mass Production Manufacturer of Clothing 

New clothing businesses that are ready to start manufacturing their clothing are usually looking for MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) garment suppliers.
These smaller manufacturers for clothes  are interested in working with new talents and building strong long-lasting relationships. That benefits both parties. 

Manufacturer of Clothing with low MOQ are usually harder to find online. They get hidden by the global giants with a huge capital behind them. However, there are still plenty of them mostly working with smaller brands.

There is usually more “wiggle room” in low minimum MOQ garment manufacturing rather than in mass production. For example, better communication, but ate the same time longer timeframes. 

Mass production Manufacturer of Clothing are those behind department stores and world-known brands. Speed is the key factor in mass production.

These garment manufacturers make sure that collections are delivery in a timely manner. There is a serious production planning and logistics behind the process.

The whole concept of mass production is to not disappoint, Mass production apparel manufacturers produce fast and affordable clothing that reaches the end customer in recorde time.

However, this process ate the same time creates new problems like a huge amount of poorly made clothing that ends in landfill. 


Manufacturer of Clothing- types and 6 stages CFB

Manufacturer of Clothing- types and 6 stages

Pro Tips 

If you are a clothing business that is just getting started, to select the right manufacturer ask yourself these questions: 

CFB as your garment supplier 

CFB we pride ourselves in being Sustainable Manufacturer of Clothing base Portugal, adopting ethical and sustainable practices throughout product development including, waste minimization and recycling, resource efficiency and use of local supply chain.

Our team contains experts in quality control with independent autonomy that are in charge of the entire production phase, to guarantee the state of high quality of clothes in your production.



How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 10 tricks to get you started with clothing supplier!)

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 10 tricks to get you started with clothing supplier!)


Finding the appropriate premium manufacturer for clothes is important to your future success brand, whether you want to be the next great fashion entrepreneur or simply want to sell daily clothing products online.

Major companies with large budgets, celebrity endorsements, and decades of expertise dominate the garment sector, which is fiercely competitive.

Many ambitious fashion entrepreneurs have found success online because to the advent of eCommerce and boutique clothing lines, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

If you’re reading this, your clothes business concept is almost certainly complete. You have a niche in mind, as well as some clothes designs or ideas for clothing goods to offer.

But you’re not sure where to begin – or who to believe.

Unfortunately, this is the roadblock that causes many aspiring entrepreneurs to give up. There are several reasons for this:

  1. It means executing on your ideas, which can be scary
  2. It means putting your trust in the unknown ( clothing supplier)
  3. It means investing money to get your business off the ground

– Clothing Manufacturers You Can Use for Your Online Business


How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 8 tricks to get you started with a clothing supplier!)



PTIMG TEXTILE Portugal Clothing Manufacturers/

PTIMG TEXTILE Portugal Clothing Manufacturers/


PTIMG  Company, based in the Portugal it is the largest textile group in the country , provides large scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands.

The company prides itself on using environmentally sustainable production practices and paying its workers fairly for their skilled labor.

PTIMG clothing supplier and manufacturer of women’s and children’s apparel, known for its unique prints and designs intended for everyday use and for special occasions.

They provide a simple online form to make an enquiry about manufacturer for clothes with them.



CFB - How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes

CFB is a Portugal based manufacturer having a different perspective from the conventional fast fashion industry and that perspective is providing eco-friendly and sustainable products to the market.

CFB produces high-quality clothing.

T-shirt, Polo, Henley shirt, Hoodie, Denin Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeve, Crew Neck, Pants/Jeans, Chino, Biker-Jacket, Shirt, Vest, Dress…

They have been at the forefront of introducing sustainable technologies in the field of textile and producing green products for the last 15 years.


Getting Started your fashion brand with a Manufacturer for clothes/ clothing supplier

When starting a clothes business, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Do I really need a clothing supplier ” If you merely want to sell clothing online, for obtaining products from a clothing provider may be a better place to start.

You won’t have to worry about the production side of things since you’ll be able to pick from a catalog of ready-made apparel/ or custom blanks  products.

You also don’t have to purchase a large quantity of merchandise that may or may not sell. It can help you save a lot of time, money, and risk.

If you want to sell blank t-shirts, for example, there’s little use in attempting to reinvent the wheel when there are so many options.

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes private label blanks clothing supplier

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes private label blanks clothing supplier


Clothing Supplier Pros

Manufacturer for clothes Cons


What to Look for in a Manufacturer for Clothes

If you’re getting started on your clothing business journey, there are a few things to consider before you choose a clothing manufacturer.


 Is it possible for them to manufacture your product?

This may appear to be a simple question, but it is crucial. Not all clothing producers can produce a wide range of garments.

Outdoor or exercise apparel, for example, frequently necessitates the use of specific materials such as lycra or waterproof textiles.

You must ensure that the company you select is capable of producing the apparel items you desire.

Even better, attempt to find a company that specializes in the type of apparel you want.

If you want to create a clothing company that offers fashionable summer dresses, you should work with a dressmaker who has a lot of expertise with dresses.

If you want to sell high-end clothing, you should do the same.


Manufacturer for clothes in the United States and Europe

Working with domestic garment makers has several advantages.

To begin with, meeting with manufacturers, seeing their facilities, and discussing your special demands is considerably easier when there is no language barrier.

There are stricter labor laws in place, as well as better working conditions.

Consumers are becoming more aware of these issues, and being “produced locally” may be an effective marketing pitch. You’ll also benefit from shorter shipment times, which will keep your consumers pleased.

In addition, the quality tends to be better.

All of this, though, comes at a price cost. Using domestic producers often costs more, but you’ll have greater justification to charge more for your apparel goods.

Compared to other countries’ manufacturers, Portugal has a proven track record regarding human rights protection and is a member of several international organizations .

That promote human rights.

Not only this, but the legal authorities in Portugal also regularly check the employees’ working rights and conditions and whether a company complies with the environmental laws in place.

Companies can lose their operational license if they don´t comply with the law on these matters.


Manufacturer for clothes in the Europe Portugal

Overseas clothing supplier


The main benefit of using overseas manufacturers is cost.

They are almost always much cheaper, which is why so many garments are made in China. account.

It is also more difficult for you to visit and inspect factories. And although foreign manufacturers can produce quality clothing, it depends on whether you choose a reputable manufacturer.

Shipping times are also much longer when products are shipped internationally.

So if you buy your clothes in bulk and ship them yourself, it’s not a big problem.

The other benefit is that you often have a wider choice of fabrics, styles, etc. from foreign manufacturers and are more likely to bend over backwards to do business with you.

Child labour on this counters  is a particular issue for fashion because much of the supply chain requires low-skilled labour and some tasks are even better suited to children than adults. In cotton picking, employers prefer to hire children for their small fingers, which do not damage the crop.


Overseas clothing supplier

13 year old Sobuj works in a textile factory in conditions of extreme heat and noise. For this he earns about 1200 Taka a month (£10.00 GBP). Image from :

Can They supply Samples?

Try earlier than you buy.

There’s a motive there are converting rooms in garb shops and that’s due to the fact humans need to understand what they’re getting earlier than they decide to shopping for it.

The equal is going on your producer.

Try before you buy. There’s a reason there are changing rooms in clothing stores and that’s because people want to know what they’re getting before they commit to buying it.

This is essential due to the fact if something’s now no longer pretty proper, you could make modifications till it is.

Imagine getting an order of masses of jackets that you’ve designed, simplest to locate that they don’t pretty in shape proper or they’ve used the incorrect form of button.

The simplest manner to do that is via way of means of bringing it up on your verbal exchange early on.

Most producers might be extra than satisfied to offer samples, generally for a modest fee, however it’s as much as you to get them to decide to it from the beginning.

Final Lines – Why choose Create Fashion Brand as a supplier?

If you’re looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand that specializes in the development and production of high-quality luxury blanks, then Create Fashion Brand is worth checking out.

They have an easy-to-use builder app that makes placing orders a breeze, and they also offer private labels to help brands get started.

So, if you’re planning to start a brand and need some high-quality luxury blanks, be sure to give them a try!


For any further information or quotes please contact the office +351 252132697 | +351 912148425  on Portugal

To find more information:


Manufacturing of clothes in Europe CFB textile

Create Fashion Brand LDA, a manufacturing of clothes for casual wear and streetwear for men and women, are making waves in the ethical clothing industry and have become the go-to zero waste manufacturers for a number of luxury brands.

C.F.B is a Portugal based Manufacturing of clothes founded by Margarida Goes in 1989.

The company began making high quality clothing from the best eco-responsible fabrics in Portugal and have been at the forefront of sustainable textile clothing technologies for the last 15 years. C.F.B was passionate about sustainability when there was little mainstream knowledge of it.

The company prides itself on being a zero-waste Manufacturing of clothes

Examples of this include fabric scraps in the cutting process being used to make new fabric as recycled cotton.

A circular water circuit cleans any water used of all impurities such as heavy metals, lead and cadmium. After cleaning the water, it is reused to dye the fabrics.

C.F.B is incredibly proud of its family of over 110 skilled staff, continuously educating and training them to deliver high quality products.


CFB Manufacturing of clothes in Europe- Garment maker

CFB Manufacturing of clothes in Europe

The awareness of eco-friendly clothing and the zero-waste movement has dramatically increased over the past decade and is changing the trajectory of the fashion industry for the better.

People are finally understanding the importance of consumer safety, preserving resources and environmental protection during the life cycle of clothing production.


C.F.B have been a major company leading this shift.

They are one of the few manufacturers who meet the goal of sustainability without compromising on quality, style and finish of the clothing they produce. This has led to them building a solid reputation with the brands they work with.

Margarida Goes Santos founder of Create Fashion Brand comments:


Sustainability is a long-term investment and fashion should not cost us our planet.

They are dedicated to promoting an ethical work environment and have become the leading manufacturers in the industry, working with renowned international luxury brands as well as supporting new brands in their growth and being big advocates of equal opportunities.


What manufacturing of clothes we do :

T-shirts, Polo shirts, Henley shirts, Hoodies, Denim Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeves, Crew Necks, Pants/Jeans, Chinos, Bomber Jackets, Shirts, Vests, Dresses.


They offer a wide range of services to help startups and global brands.

Create Fashion Brand provides Digital printing and screen printing, Vinyl and Flock, all types of embroidery (regular, Tanaka, Chain Stich, English Point effect, Fuwari….), and all types of fusion processes.


Fashion Clothing For Well-known and New Brands

We combine traditional fine tailoring with contemporary production methods to create superb everyday wear for well-known and new brands. Regardless of whether it is casual wear, leisurewear, outerwear, or sportswear, with our intelligent supply solution, we are able to meet the most stringent customer demand for quality, efficiency, and competitive pricing.

The fact that we supply some international iconic brands of casual wear is a testament to our skills and efficiency. Our quality control procedure ensures that every piece of our work is examined prior to dispatch. 

And remember: your own on-site monitoring team will always be welcome to opt-in at any stage of production.

With our expertise in manufacturing of clothes , we can create samples from a simple creative brief or from a full technical pack depending on your requirements.

Outstanding Fabric Selection for manufacturing of clothes 

Keeping in mind the product design, CFB prefers the best-fit Fabric for every piece of product.

Not a single Fabric goes well with every pattern. So, the selection is wisely made to ensure both quality and aesthetics.


Every Fabric they use to manufacture their products is sustainable and eco-friendly. Sustainability is a foremost factor when a client looks for a product that can be used for a long time.


The main fabrics they use to manufacture eco-friendly products are jersey, jacquard, pique, interlock, rib, satin, canvas, double face jersey, bonded fabrics, woven, and many more.


Fibers Used In Making Of Fabrics:

Fibers are the base of fabrics. It is not possible to make good out of the poor. In the process of manufacturing of clothes / quality fabrics, it is crucial to use fibers of the best quality.

Create Fashion Brand (CBF) uses fibers of the best quality in the manufacture of Fabrics used in the makeup of eco-friendly products. Below is the list of fibers they most commonly use:



So for startups and global businesses, It is the best place for sustainable clothing and taking their part in reducing the global environmental population.

Otherwise, the world has to pay more for the destruction that the world is doing.

Every time we dispose of something, it has to go somewhere. Combatting this one step at a time is where companies like C.F.B are paving the way for a more sustainable, bright future.

For any further information or quotes please contact the office +351 252132697 | +351 912148425  on Portugal

To find more information:


 CFB Textile Group

+351 252132697 | +351 912148425

manufacturing of clothes- Producing High-Quality Garments-Producing High-Quality Garments

manufacturing of clothes- factory for sustainable fabrics/garments

Choosing a high-quality bomber and coat  producer is essential to ensure you receive an excellent product. While the process is easy, there are some things you should look for.

Ensure that the manufacturer is willing to work with your specific needs and specifications. The following tips will help you find the best supplier for your needs.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a coat manufacturer:

First, make sure that you’ll be happy with the result. Second, make sure that the company is flexible.


There are some basic steps to the whole process, for manufacturer  jackets :including:

A good Jackets  manufacturer should deliver the highest quality products to their customers.

One of the most critical factors in selecting a high-quality Jackets manufacturer is how long they’ve been in business.

There are several factors to consider, including the size of your orders and how many designs you want to have. If you plan to produce small quantities, starting with smaller orders will lower the initial costs.

Third, make sure that the manufacturer you choose has a long history of exporting high-quality Jackets.

Consider to High Quality:

The best way to choose a High Quality Factory is to research them online. It would be best to do your homework before selecting a jacket factory.

Doing so will help you find the best fit for your requirements and budget. A jacket supplier with more than 18 years of experience in foreign trade can help you choose the right supplier.

They can also offer you valuable resources such as articles about different jackets manufacturers.


CFB uses locally produced fabric that is friendly to the environment.

They also have a wide network of quality suppliers all around the world who deliver premium-quality fabrics. While offering the widest range of options to choose from, they also work proficiently to control costs and quality for practical and efficient production.

Moreover, focusing on delivering the highest quality woven fabric / lining  for their clients, different types of quality control checks are done to determine the right fabric.

We fabrics most used in coats are:

Twill – 100% cotton – in garment dye

Twill – 100% Nylon – waterproof and wearable

Drill – 100% recycled polyester waterproof

More orders at the moment:

Broadcloth, denim, drill, poplin, cotton sateen, flannelette, lawn, corduroy
These options are ordered in recycled and eco-friendly fabrics

The Offer of Client Specified Trims and Accessories:

Like the fabric, every other trim and accessory in the Coats  is obtained from local and global suppliers. But, all the accessories can be customized as per the wishes of the client. Button, zips, labels. If you can envision it, CFB can make it.

Why Should You Choose CFB as a supplier ?

Compared to other countries’ manufacturers, Portugal has a proven track record regarding human rights protection and is a member of several international organizations that promote human rights.

Not only this, but the legal authorities in Portugal also regularly check the employees’ working rights and conditions and whether a company complies with the environmental laws in place.

Companies can lose their operational license if they don´t comply with the law on these matters.

On the other hand, when we look at other regions of the world such as Asia, companies there don’t enforce proper working rights and conditions for the workers, and also, they have very bad environmental track records.

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) is a Portuguese based company that was established way back in 1989, with the primary aim to supplier  high-quality jackets /jerseys and denim  clothing from the best fabrics sourced from Portugal.

For the last 15 years, the company’s focus has been to produce  eco-friendly clothes such as jackets, jeans, shirts, etc., adopting ethical and sustainable practices throughout product development.


1st High-quality clothing factories at- CFB

When it comes to fashion, there is no denying the fact that this industry is playing a huge role in destroying the environment.

Regular Clothing factories as Being the second-largest polluting industry, it contributes to emitting 10% of carbon emissions along with producing 21 billion tons of garbage.

To avoid contributing to these destructions, the Create Fashion Brand has come up with several strategies that help in promoting sustainability.

About Create Fashion Brand – Clothing factories :

Clothing Manufacturers – Create Fashion Brand

High-quality clothing is all we think about producing, and we began this journey in Portugal. Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of eco-friendly products, we design our garments as a progressive vision for sportswear and contemporary fashion.

Our biggest passion is to be sustainable textile production that people can rely upon without worrying about contributing to carbon footprints.

The CEO of Create Fashion Brand started this company in order to create better knowledge about sustainability and increase it throughout the production.

Along with providing eco-friendly products, we aim to provide consumer safety and environmental production right from the production of the product to its disposal.

The products we come up with are certified by OCS, ISO-9001, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, which are the organizations providing sustainable product certifications.

High-quality clothing factories CFB in portugal

Products we produce in our group of clothing factories :

Keeping in mind environmental protection and sustainability, here are all the products that you can get your hands on from our brand:


the best High-quality clothing factories

the best High-quality clothing factories

All about our T-shirts:

When it comes to T-shirts, we know how vital the fittings are. They say T-shirts should never be too baggy or tight, and to make them a perfect fit for you, we always consider this statement.

Here is all that you need to know about our T-shirts before you place your first order with us.



Before you place your order, make sure to read all the instructions related to T-shirt fittings to get that perfect look:


Although there are not many options for the necklines of T-shirts, however, knowing about the two available ones can make your choice easier, and here they are:

Clothing factories – Why our High-quality T-shirts?

Before you make your mind to purchasing our stuff, the question of what makes our T-shirts different than the hundreds of brands available out there must have popped in your mind.

To clear that out for you, we have all the things gathered to make your decision super convenient and satisfactory.

Here is what make our T-shirts different than other brands:

High-quality clothing factories for luxury brands

Clothing factories – categories of T-shirts :

We are not only sellers but can turn out to be your business partners too. Here are the categories of T-shirt fabrics that you can find at CFB:

Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers - CFB

Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers – CFB

Clothing manufacturers in Portugal for shirts, pants, sweaters, T-shirts, hoodies, coats, jeans and more.

About us:

Create Fashion Brand – A Portuguese textile company producing for fashion forward brands since 1989.

Our team has long experience in producing of the highest quality clothing, using top choice materials and advanced machinery: a perfect combination of tradition and technology.

You can entrust us both high fashion samples collections and productions:

Furthermore, your product will definitely be made entirely in Portugal, and for that reason, it’s constantly monitored in all its stages by qualified personnel who provide regular updates on their work progress.
Here at CFB, thanks to our agreed laboratories, can offer you:

We can coordinate a total look for men, women and children.

We produce: shirts, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, chinos, denim, jackets and much more.

High-quality clothing manufacturers based in Portugal

High-quality clothing manufacturers  in Portugal

We work with 100% Cotton and Mixes, either light-weight or heavy fabrics.

Therefore, as a result, we make fabrics such as:

  • Jersey,
  • jersey/lycra
  • piquet, fleece
  • As well as woven fabrics for clothes like coats, chinos, jeans and shirts.
Factory in portugal textile

High-quality apparel manufacturers in Portugal for textile.

createfashionbrand - Manufacturer Portugal textile

CFB – Clothing Manufacturers Portugal textile

Private label high-quality clothing in Portugal

How we work

1- To create your styles, we need a technical pack with all the measurements, sewing details, fabric composition and color reference. If you are the one providing the fabrics, we also need the name of the supplier.

2 – If you do not have that necessary necessary information, we can do it another way: – Send us a piece of clothing and we can copy the measurements to make your model.