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CFB has a high-quality sustainable textile approach

CFB has a high-quality sustainable textile approach.

Who are we?


Create Fashion Brand is an environmentally friendly textile firm based in Portugal. We have our focus on inducing sustainable methods within the clothing industry. Our incessant services are here to change the detrimental methods of the clothing industry from the last three decades to reduce water usage and carbon footprints. Our ardent inclusivity within the professional never let us divert our focus from our base.


Green Vision:


The way CFB sees the world is different from the typical clothing industry. The use of hazardous chemical substances is at its peak in the contemporary world. We want to reduce the chances of more destruction due to pollution because of textile industries. We have experimented with our techniques several times to the point that now we have mastered sustainable decisions.


At the start, we wanted to increase the recycling process. However, now we have attained the position of a globally recognized high quality and sustainable clothing manufacturer. Our small ceaseless effort to save the world from toxic substances can make an influential impact for a better tomorrow.


What makes us different?


CFB has a high-quality sustainable textile approach. Our eco-friendly basis asked us to promote the ethical fashion industry. The sustainable implementations include water usage minimization, recycling used product, efficiently utilizing waste and extras. We have adopted a system of the local supply chain to beat the fast fashion industry footprints in our surrounding.


  • Most of our power consumption comes from self-made power plants such as green sources and solar panels etc.
  • We are using all of our resources in the most sustainable way possible.
  • Providing heat to the boilers with the help of solar panel is a vigorous example of sustainable energy usage.
  • None of the water gets wasted during the entire process of producing quality fashion and streetwear. Along with that, we have minimized our water usage by controlled tabs.
  • Everything from the water to thread gets recycled to minimize waste production.
  • We have centralized our company to complete every task within the same place. All the process of creating patterns, cutting, sewing, and packaging have designated departments under the same roof.
  • We are promoting the use of GOTS organic cotton and recycled fabric.
  • Our energy-efficient ways in machinery and electronics supported our eco-friendly Model.
  • We are putting in all of our efforts to ensure the maximum recycling process and adapting green habits.

sustainable methods within the clothing industry.

Our team:


We have a trained and educated team of roughly around 110 talented individuals. They are working tirelessly to produce eco-friendly apparel. Our team is consisted of pattern maker, cutting specialists, quality controllers, textile engineers, and embroidery technicians. We are working right now with globally known sustainable firms to expand our teamwork. A lot of brands will be collaborating with us in future to grow this sustainable cause.


CFB has a high-quality sustainable textile approach. Our eco-friendly basis asked us to promote the ethical fashion industry.

Final verdict:

CFB believes in striving hard for making a change in this society. Our input revolves around the ultimate effort to have a fruitful output for the environment. Our globally recognized quality has been winning hearts for the last three decades. We are looking forward to expanding our eco-friendly business sector and reducing the carbon footprints in many more coming decades.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers


Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers- See the positive impact of choosing to manufacturer your products with us

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