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For create bespoke garment send

What you need

We make all processes
  • Fabrics /Patterns / Labels / accessories
Clothing Development, clothing factories- what you need for make a bespoke garment Clothing factories CFB create fashion brand
Tech pack info Needed

Fully Customisable Clothing
Clothing Development

Full creative control over your designs, take advantage all options.
These include various fabrics, embroidery, print, dtg , fit and finishing options such as labels and buttons.

Before After
From The To final Garment

Your tech pack must be as accurate as possible
If you don’t have tech pack with size chart and fabric description, We have a solution!
Send us , a physical sample for:

Clothing Development, clothing factories

we take fitting and size chart

highest-quality fabrics in the world- Clothing Development, clothing factories

we analyze fabric on Lab

Sewing details, for ClothingDevelopment for clothing factories

we analyze sewing details

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Clothing Development

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    design and development, fashion industry

    The best clothing factories in Europe for garments , is CFB create fashion brand .

    Clothing Development– To help you understand how your garment moves from the designing stage to production, we have prepared a Complete Custom Clothing Manufacturing Guide! professional clothing closet

    Custom Blanks

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    fashion industry
    Clothing Development In Portugal
    Are you a fashion brand, a designer, or a creator? Build your sustainable clothing collection with us!
    We can help you in many ways: from the sourcing of materials, molds, prototypes, samples, production, to the quality control, packing and shipping.
    Quality and sustainable materials, new designs, fair production, and transparency are the key for a successful fashion brand, and that is
    why we exist! We’ll guarantee you high quality, flexibility, and deadlines accomplishment.