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Create Fashion Brand´s New WebSite

Create Fashion Brand´s New WebSite

Create Fashion Brand´s New WebSite

CFB – Create Fashion Brand – Clothing Manufacturers

When we started thinking and talking to communication agencies about developing our new website we had four ideas in mind, Aesthetics, Functionality, Proximity, Trust.
We wanted our new online presence to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional, user-friendly.

Considering the main activity of the company and the image of the brand, we tried to strike a perfect balance between a modern and bold style and simultaneously a lightness and simplicity of processes.
Seduce, but in a subtle way. Communicate the essence of the company but in an elegant and simple manner.

In addition, it is important for website visitors to realize that more than a brand, CFB – Create Fashion Brand – is a textile company, “we are clothing manufacturers”.
CFB – Create Fashion Brand manufactures textile clothing for small and large, unknown and world-famous brands and companies.

An important part of our business is our Private Label.
We felt the need to automate the online ordering processes for this type of products as much as possible.
“Wasting as little time as possible in exchanging emails with customers, collecting as much information as necessary for a production order”, was the ultimate goal.

We continue to bring improvements and fine-tune details of our new online presence.

The final purpose is for the website visitor to be attracted by the aesthetics and presentation, pleased by the functionality and simplicity of processes and convinced by the quality, transparency and quantity of information made available.

Business must be done on the basis of knowledge, trust and ease of process.

We hope you like our new website. We will keep working to improve and add new functionalities and contents that are useful to you.
After all, we work for you, our visitor, our client.

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand