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Decide on a textile Manufacturer- Create fashion Brand

Decide on a textile Manufacturer- Create fashion Brand

CreateFashionBrand – Clothing Manufacturers of HQ textiles in Portugal

What do you have to consider when you’re trying to decide on a manufacturer?

Guillaume Philibert (Filling Pieces)

“The most important things are quality and flexibility. When we started with the first two seasons in China, I was quite happy with the quality. Then they messed up a full production run, which led me to leave them and move the complete production to Portugal. So in the end I wasn’t happy about the quality, plus it took too long for the products to arrive in Europe where I’m based. We’ve now been producing in Portugal for nearly three and half years, and I’m very confident about the quality, price and flexibility. We are producing in four factories at the moment, owned and managed by one big company. Before, we produced at a smaller and refined factory that could handle up to 10-15K pairs per collection. Now for Autumn/Winter 2015, we do six times that amount, so the old factory could’ve never handled that. Finding the right factory that is able to grow with you is very hard, as they normally only want to work with bigger brands and bigger production runs. That’s why being confident about your brand is very important. Show them they can grow with you and build a partnership. They need you and you need them, always make clear that it’s mutual.”

Create fashion brand – Factory for textile in Portugal

– Are you an agent or a factory? We’re in reality we are 3 Factorys:

1-expert in making fabrics woven jeans, chinos, jackets shirts etc

2-specialist knitt, t-shrits, cardigan, sweatshirts, hoodie etc

3-specialist in leathers, leather jackets etc

We develops the prototypes and molds inside and the prototypes .The productions are made in our partners controlled by us. We can produce men and women knit and woven fabrics.

Decide on a textile Manufacturer

Decide on a textile Manufacturer

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Create Fashion Brand
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