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How to find Eco-friendly Europe Clothing Manufacturers

Europe Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturers CFB (create fashion brand

Europe Clothing Manufacturers for T-shirts |hoodies| denim pants| chinos | woven jackets

Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturers

One common question always asked by clients is whether they should choose Europe, or overseas custom clothing manufacturers.

The truth is, there is no right, or wrong answer with this- it all depends on the brands requirements and what they’re looking for. One big thing to consider is budget; using custom clothing manufacturers in the UK is always going to cost more, both per unit and overall as the MOQs are likely to be higher than those overseas.

Where can I find ethical clothing manufacturers?


Ricardo Barbosa (director of Hacessorios company )said via phone:

Personally, I did my first education abroad and haven’t had any problems with it since.

Still, there are some things to keep in mind when going abroad, and the most important thing is to protect yourself from scams. It can be very easy for a supplier to appear reputable at first glance and the samples are exactly what you need, but when you go to send them the money to produce them, they’ve disappeared.

One way to avoid this is to visit the supplier in person and see their production facility; this also creates a good business relationship between the two of you. Let’s say you’re planning to go abroad and take Portugal or Spain  as an example. You’re told it’s “expensive” to visit the supplier, but you can easily get EasyJet flights for £100 round trip at certain times of the year.

Eco-friendly Europe Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturers

What are the benefits of working in Europe with Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturers?

There are a lot of benefits to working with domestic Europe with Garment manufacturers.

Firstly, it’s much easier to meet with the manufacturers, inspect their factories, and discuss your specific needs without a language barrier.

There are more stringent labor regulations and better working conditions.

You’ll also have the benefit of faster shipping times, which keeps customers happy.

The quality also tends to be higher.

However, all of this comes at a financial cost. It typically costs more to use domestic manufacturers, although you will also have grounds to charge more for your clothing items.


Europe Eco-friendly Clothing Manufacturers specialized eco-responsible and sustainable philosophy,

Overseas (no Europe ) Clothing Manufacturers for T-shirts |hoodies| denim pants| chinos | woven jackets

However the minimum quantities will always be bigger .

They are almost always a lot cheaper, which is why so much clothing is made in China.

However, this is typically because labor standards and working conditions are unregulated, and the environmental responsibilities are few ,which is something you need to keep in mind.

It’s also more difficult for you to visit and inspect factories.

Normally certificates such as GOTS are not valid or adulterated, because local inspections are not rigid.

Transport times are always longer,  and can be aggravated by customs.

Products made in Europe – delivery time 3 to 5 working days
Products made in Asia – delivery time 1 to 2 months

However, if you’re buying your clothing items in bulk and shipping them yourself, this isn’t a major issue.


For these reasons, get to know the CFB group textile company base in Europe Portugal 


We are a group of clothing manufacturers specialized high-quality clothing in Portugal .

We are eco-responsible and sustainable philosophy, using organic fabrics / Gots / recycled fabrics and recycling all fabric waste

What is the most eco friendly Europe clothing Manufacturers

Eco-friendly Europe Clothing Manufacturers – read more about:

Examples of brands with a sustainable spirit:

To find more information:


 CFB Textile Group

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Eco-friendly Europe Clothing Manufacturers CFB create fashion brand

 Europe Clothing Manufacturers CFB create fashion brand

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