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Dye Laboratory at our Woven Factory in Vila do Conde, PORTUGAL

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Sustainable Manufacturing Of Clothes

The most groundbreaking innovation adopted by CFB is green power consumption. From solar power boilers to recycling everything like fabric, paper, plastic, and batteries, they have used every possible way to introduce the philosophy of sustainable fashion to the masses.

Not only that, a significant chunk of investments made through the company goes towards new and advanced technology that helps the employees do a better, more efficient job at creating eco-friendly products, like no toxic dyeing, such as natural dyeing.

These investments aim to minimize pollution as much as possible while increasing production.
The main focus of the company is on using recycled cotton. Using recycled materials from fabric leftovers, CFB is already doing a remarkable job of keeping the system as clean as possible. In addition, their clothes are dyed using at least 70% less water than other standard factories, reducing water consumption as well.

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