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Customize High-quality Blanks

Starting your fashion brands using high quality blanks wholesale allows you to go bellow minimum production quantities and design faster without having to worry about factory development. 

If you are looking for a clothing manufacturer that can help you customize high-quality blanks to launch your brand, then CFB is the place for you.

CFB is a Portuguese based factory that offers Private label (custom blanks ) or Full custom garments (bespoke).

Our philosophy Is base on sustainable clothing, eco-friendly, heavyweight / ultra heavy fabrics.

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Customize High-quality Blanks in Portugal

  1. High quality blank t-shirts wholesale
    The best part is our builder app which makes it easy to place orders and has a few simple steps you need to follow.
  2. Upload your logos and images, For Screen print /DTG our Embroidery 
  3. Choose the label type and design,
  4. Set the quantities per color option,(Custom color is possible ) and you are ready to go!
    Them make it easy to create custom luxury apparel that is high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Our luxury streetwear blanks are based on popular European fittings styles. There are many options available on our website, making it easy to find the ideal fit for your wholesale blank apparel.

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How it Works

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CFB have an builder  for customization (blanks)

For place an order in a few easy steps:,

Customize High-quality Blanks select the style

1-Select a style
The first step to customizing high quality luxury blanks is to select a style. You have a number of different styles to choose from. You can find the perfect style for your needs and brand preferences.

Customize High-quality Blanks fabric
2-Select color and fabrics  

In this step, you will choose the colors and fabrics.

The colors are black, white, navy blue, natural and grey. Available custom color to Pantone oder By Email.

Customize High-quality Blanks screen print
3-Select screen print / Embroidery /DTG  

Time to choose a printing method. It is available Screen Printing, Embroidery and digital printing. 

Customize High-quality Blanks size deisgn
4-Upload logos and images 

In this step, you need to upload logos and images to personalize high quality luxury blanks. 

Customize High-quality Blanks- tag brand label
5-Select label type and design 

This step is important for customizing high-end luxury blanks. It is based on the sizes and dimensions of the Brand label  you want to customize. 

Customize High-quality Blanks Order prodution
6-Set quantities per color option 

In this step, you need to set the quantities per color style. This is important so that you can order the right amount of custom apparel that you need for your brand.(please mention if you have more styles to order)

Customize High-quality Blanks making
7-Request a quotation final 

Once you are satisfied with your product design, you will need to select the “Request a Quote” option. In this step, you will need to provide details about your company, such as your company’s VAT number and email address, so that we can analyze your order and get back to you with any additional information and details about your production order.

highest-quality fabrics in the world

CFB  as a company facility with an utterly
unparalleled reputation in the industry.
Due to their attention to detail, the
intricate delicacy of stitching,
Fabrics certified by


Printing- Embroidery direct to garment

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand