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How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes (+ list of 8 tricks to get you started with a clothing supplier!)

The Ultimate Guide to Locating Clothing Manufacturers for a New Clothing Line

Finding the appropriate quality manufacturer for clothes is important to your future success brand, whether you want to be the next great fashion entrepreneur or simply want to sell daily clothing products online.

Major companies with large budgets, celebrity endorsements, and decades of expertise dominate the garment sector, which is fiercely competitive.

Many ambitious fashion entrepreneurs have found success online because to the advent of eCommerce and boutique clothing lines, and there’s no reason why you can’t do the same.

If you’re reading this, your clothes business concept is almost certainly complete. You have a niche in mind, as well as some clothes designs or ideas for clothing goods to offer.

But you’re not sure where to begin – or who to believe.

Unfortunately, this is the roadblock that causes many aspiring entrepreneurs to give up. There are several reasons for this:

Quality manufacturer for clothes- clothing supplier
  1. It means executing on your ideas, which can be scary
  2. It means putting your trust in the unknown ( clothing supplier)
  3. It means investing money to get your business off the ground

– Clothing Manufacturers You Can Use for Your Online Business

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 8 tricks to get you started with a clothing supplier!)


How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes PTIMG
How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 10 tricks to get you started with clothing supplier!)

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes(+ list of 10 tricks to get you started with clothing supplier!)


Why is quality important in manufacturing?


PTIMG  Company, based in the Portugal it is the largest textile group in the country , provides large scale manufacturing services for independent designers and established brands.

The company prides itself on using environmentally sustainable production practices and paying its workers fairly for their skilled labor on manufacturer for clothes.

PTIMG clothing supplier and manufacturer of women’s and children’s apparel, known for its unique prints and designs intended for everyday use and for special occasions.

They provide a simple online form to make an enquiry about manufacturer for clothes with them.

manufacturer for clothes manufacturer for clothes manufacturer for clothes manufacturer for clothes

How do you buy clothes from the manufacturer?

click the button

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CFB -clothing supplier How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes

CFB is a Portugal based Quality manufacturer for clothes,  having a different perspective from the conventional fast fashion industry and that perspective is providing eco-friendly and sustainable products to the market.

CFB produces high-quality clothing.

luxury clothing manufacturers

T-shirt, Polo, Henley shirt, Hoodie, Denin Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeve, Crew Neck, Pants/Jeans, Chino, Biker-Jacket, Shirt, Vest, Dress…

They have been at the forefront of introducing sustainable technologies in the field of textile and producing green products for the last 15 years.


Getting Started your fashion brand with a Manufacturer for clothes/ clothing supplier

When starting a clothes business, the first question you should ask yourself is, “Do I really need a clothing supplier ” If you merely want to sell clothing online, for obtaining products from a clothing provider may be a better place to start.

You won’t have to worry about the production side of things since you’ll be able to pick from a catalog of ready-made apparel/ or custom blanks  products. wholesale clothing manufacturers

You also don’t have to purchase a large quantity of merchandise that may or may not sell. It can help you save a lot of time, money, and risk.

If you want to sell blank t-shirts, for example, there’s little use in attempting to reinvent the wheel when there are so many options.




How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes private label blanks clothing supplier

How to Find High Quality manufacturer for clothes private label blanks clothing supplier

How do you buy clothes from the manufacturer?

Clothing Supplier Pros

  • You can produce unique clothing items
  • You can establish your own brand
  • You can generally sell items at higher prices
  • You have greater control over branding and marketing

Manufacturer for clothes Cons

  • You have to make a significant investment upfront
  • CFB – Privatel Label – 2000€
  • CFB – Clothing development – 3000€
  • PTIMG – Clothing development – 6000€
  • You have to buy bulk items that might not sell
  • You have greater legal obligations
  • You expose yourself to more risk

The Quality Manufacturer for clothes is in Portugal ?

What to Look for in a Quality Manufacturer for Clothes

If you’re getting started on your clothing business journey, there are a few things to consider before you choose a clothing manufacturer.


 Is it possible for them to manufacture your product?

This may appear to be a simple question, but it is crucial. Not all clothing producers can produce a wide range of garments.

Outdoor or exercise apparel, for example, frequently necessitates the use of specific materials such as lycra or waterproof textiles.

You must ensure that the company you select is capable of producing the apparel items you desire.

Even better, attempt to find a company that specializes in the type of apparel you want.

If you want to create a clothing company that offers fashionable summer dresses, you should work with a dressmaker who has a lot of expertise with dresses.

If you want to sell high-end clothing, you should do the same.


Manufacturer for clothes in the United States and Europe

Working with domestic garment makers has several advantages.

To begin with, meeting with manufacturers, seeing their facilities, and discussing your special demands is considerably easier when there is no language barrier.

There are stricter labor laws in place, as well as better working conditions.

Consumers are becoming more aware of these issues, and being “produced locally” may be an effective marketing pitch. You’ll also benefit from shorter shipment times, which will keep your consumers pleased.

In addition, the quality tends to be better.

All of this, though, comes at a price cost. Using domestic producers often costs more, but you’ll have greater justification to charge more for your apparel goods.

Compared to other countries’ manufacturers, Portugal has a proven track record regarding human rights protection and is a member of several international organizations .

That promote human rights.

Not only this, but the legal authorities in Portugal also regularly check the employees’ working rights and conditions and whether a company complies with the environmental laws in place.

Companies can lose their operational license if they don´t comply with the law on these matters.


Manufacturer for clothes in the Europe Portugal

clothing supplier clothing supplier clothing supplier

Overseas clothing supplier


The main benefit of using overseas manufacturers is cost.

They are almost always much cheaper, which is why so many garments are made in China. account.

It is also more difficult for you to visit and inspect factories. And although foreign manufacturers can produce quality clothing, it depends on whether you choose a reputable manufacturer.

Shipping times are also much longer when products are shipped internationally.

So if you buy your clothes in bulk and ship them yourself, it’s not a big problem.

The other benefit is that you often have a wider choice of fabrics, styles, etc. from foreign manufacturers and are more likely to bend over backwards to do business with you.

Child labour on this counters  is a particular issue for fashion because much of the supply chain requires low-skilled labour and some tasks are even better suited to children than adults. In cotton picking, employers prefer to hire children for their small fingers, which do not damage the crop.


Overseas clothing supplier

Quality manufacturer for clothes 13 year old Sobuj works in a textile factory in conditions of extreme heat and noise. For this he earns about 1200 Taka a month (£10.00 GBP). Image from :


Can They supply Samples?

Try earlier than you buy.

There’s a motive there are converting rooms in garb shops and that’s due to the fact humans need to understand what they’re getting earlier than they decide to shopping for it.

The equal is going on your producer.

No quality manufacturer for clothes , lack of consistency of products in production bulk , you can receive many quality variations such as sewing distance , measurements (comparing multiple size Large example), sewing thread composition

Try before you buy. There’s a reason there are changing rooms in clothing stores and that’s because people want to know what they’re getting before they commit to buying it.

This is essential due to the fact if something’s now no longer pretty proper, you could make modifications till it is.

Imagine getting an order of masses of jackets that you’ve designed, simplest to locate that they don’t pretty in shape proper or they’ve used the incorrect form of button.

The simplest manner to do that is via way of means of bringing it up on your verbal exchange early on.

Most producers might be extra than satisfied to offer samples, generally for a modest fee, however it’s as much as you to get them to decide to it from the beginning.

Final Lines – Why choose Create Fashion Brand as a supplier?


If you’re looking for a sustainable and eco-friendly fashion brand that specializes in the development and production of high-quality luxury blanks, then Create Fashion Brand is worth checking out.

They have an easy-to-use builder app that makes placing orders a breeze, and they also offer private labels to help brands get started.

So, if you’re planning to start a brand and need some high-quality luxury blanks, be sure to give them a try!


For any further information or quotes please contact the office +351 252132697 | +351 912148425  on Portugal

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