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How We Do It- Manufacturers for clothing

How We Do It How We Do It How We Do It

From the moment we receive your quote request to the delivery of your collections.

manufacturers for clothing 

manufacturers for clothing in Portugal

manufacturers for clothing in Portugal

manufacturers for clothing in Portugal

manufacturers for clothing in Portugal

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manufacturers for clothing in Europe

manufacturers for clothing in Europe

manufacturers for clothing in Europe

1. Start from the client’s tech pack or reference sample

2. Analyze / define tech packs or garment specs

3. Development of 1st prototype and preliminary budgeting

4. Prototype execution and shipping

5. Fabric & components BULK sourcing

6. Adjustments/alterations of sample and approval

7. Final planning, consumption & price confirmation

8. Production scheduling and deadline estimative

9. Once the components arrive at our warehouse:
_ perform quality control checks (internal & 3rd party)
_ pattern adjustment (per fabric batch/color)
_ coordination w/ clients & approvals
_ pre production & production tests

10. Cut bulk production

11. QC on cut bulk production

12. Sort components & prepare for sewing

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13. Sewing/ Assembling w/:
_ Final sewing operations induction
_ Apply QC protocol

14. Special sewing operations, final accessories, ironing, individual packaging & labelling

15. Final QC

16. Invoicing & other documents

17. Bulk shipment & packing lists

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Research & Development

an extension of your company's design team

Our research & development team works closely with a network of partners and suppliers to not only present innovative, but existing and applicable solutions to our Client´s projects.

From sourcing the right fabric up to using printing or embroidery technique. The primary focus is to deliver the best customizable solutions for our client’s needs.

Think of our R&D team as being an extended fragment of your company’s Design Team.

Sampling & Product Engineering

the latest technology and the most innovative techniques

By thousands of sample units being produced per year, CFB has gathered over 30 years of knowledge on how to handle different types of fabrics and possible combinations, developing a wide variety of garments.

We have the most up-to-date printing techniques and innovative methods when creating prototypes and bulk production for our clients.

R&D Policy

1. All work from our R&D team is carried out based on our clients’ needs and best interests.

2. If a garment selected by a client reaches the production stage and is a result of a R&D-originated effort, then this style/garment will not be made available to another client.

3. All materials/information received from our clients for R&D purposes is treated as our client´s property (handled confidentially), and will be safely stored or returned upon request.

Costing & Pricing

competitive, flexible and fair quotes

Our account managers provide you with one or more price quotations (depends on amount of models).

A quote that fully respects your request.

Alternative price quotations that take into account different fabric qualities, style adjustments, production or finishing techniques, quantities, etc.

We pride ourselves in being able to be competitive with our pricing while respecting all the stakeholders involved in the business.

A solution that is fair and suitable to all parties involved is the main objective. All variables of prices can be reevaluated, as long as they meet their client’s needs and expectations

Made in Portugal


manufacturers for clothing

manufacturers for clothing

Fabric Sourcing

CFB sources in Portugal (mainly) and Italy, this depends on a case-by-case analysis

Fabric sourcing is crucial to our operation. While keeping the widest range of options open, we pay careful attention when controlling costs, quality and lead times, in order to guarantee efficient sampling and bulk production phases.

Trims and Accessories

CFB sources within its  global network of partners and suppliers for every component that goes into a garment or apparel.

Every individual component is sourced according to the Client’s specifications, price range, quality, etc.


All the cutting – manual and automatic – takes place internally in one of our 3 factories.
Precision is guaranteed both by the skilled experience of our staff as well as by the machinery technology that we continuously update.

Labeling and Packaging

All labeling and packaging can be individually customized in each production order.
Packaging can be done using our Client´s logo and respecting their brand identity requirements.

In order to assure that Clients have the right Quality delivered to them, a last coordinated effort is carried out by both our Quality Control and Labeling & Packaging Departments.


All the sewing stages are done internally in one of our factories.
Each of our factories has a skilled and sizeable Sewing Department with large scale production capacity.
In this way we guarantee that the work is done to the highest standards, ours and our Client´s, and we lose no time in outsourcing or subcontracting.

Quality Control

implemented in all stages of production

In order to comply with the Highest Quality Standards and our Clients specifications, CFB has implemented a QC protocol with procedures that include all production stages.

Towards the end of each production stage a quality control inspection takes place. A final inspection is completed during the labelling and packaging stage.

Quality production is what sets us apart, therefore important steps and procedures are not missed out.

Logistics and Supply Chain

proven and effective solutions

We have partnered with the best Logistic solutions providers to handle and deliver your production orders.
According to the destination, urgency, costs and other criteria, we select the best logistics partner to transport and deliver your garments.

Let’s collaborate

Work with us.
Let’s talk.

manufacturers for clothing