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Luxury blanks made in Portugal for fashion Startups

Introducing Create Fashion Brand textile , a Portuguese Company
Which create (Private label )
Sustainable luxury blanks for startups 

If you are looking for a clothing manufacturer who can help you customizing high-quality blanks for starting your brand, then look no further than CFB – Create Fashion Brand.

We are specialized in the manufacturing of high quality sustainable and eco-friendly garments and offer private label to help startups get started.

The best thing making it perfect is their builder app, which makes it easy to place orders and includes some easy steps that you have to complete.

Upload your logos, images, and select your label type and design, set the quantities per color style, and you’re good to go! With Create Fashion Brand, you’ll be able to create custom luxury clothing that is high quality, eco-friendly and sustainable.

Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers- See the positive impact of choosing to manufacturer your products with us

Create Fashion Brand (CFB) makes high quality clothing from the best eco-responsible fabrics in Portugal. Based in Portugal, CFB is a group of clothing manufacturers who excel in the development and production of high-quality clothing.

We works with some of the biggest international fashion.

Names in the industry and are constantly collaborating with new and upcoming brands.

“We support a lot start-ups in their growth as we are advocates of equal opportunities”,

CFB also has a private label where one can easily customize their production order.


Why should you use our Luxury blanks?

Utilizing blanks allows you to undercut production minimums and design on a quicker schedule without the headache of dealing with factory development.

It provides flexibility for brands to create many different designs, avoid excess inventory, and maneuver between seasons or collections. This is an important aspect in building a successful brand. Most important, Create Fashion Brand blanks are given based on popular Europe fittings styles. Thus, you can find blanks with oversized, baggy, classic, slim or boxy fittings available in their website, making it easy for you to achieve the ideal fitting for your production.

You can place easily to order, and you can create your collection with Luxury blanks Sustainable made in Portugal  made for startups.


Luxury fabrics Sustainable made in Portugal for fashion Startups


Luxury blanks Sustainable made in Portugal for fashion Startups


This allows a customer to create and customize the garment (your Luxury blanks )with prints and embroidery, and choose from existing fitting, collars and fabrics according to the availability.


How it works ?

You can select from our existing selection of fittings, materials and colors and customize your these models with your own brand labels & printed/embroidered logos!

7 easy steps

  1. Select Style
  2. Select Color & Fabrics
  3. Select Print Method
  4. Upload Logos, Images
  5. Select Label Type and Design
  6. Set Quantities per Color Style
  7. Request a Quote


We just need your designs and we are ready to go!

All you need is to do is “Customize your order” on our website and request a quote. Attach your logo designs on the order and leave the rest to us.


Also you can buy a fitting sample (luxury blanks wholesale )for check the quality no MOQ .

Luxury blanks made in Portugal for fashion Startups - Create fashion brad cfb

rue porter alternative


So, In conclusion , what are you waiting for?

Contact us now and take your first step into making your dreams come true.

Send us an email at or call us on +351 912148425 for further details.


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