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Main Services

Main Services Main Services

CFB’s heritage of 33 years that started from humble origins.
The journey has been a fascinating one, with the accumulated manufacturing skills being handed down over generations.

Main Services

Main Services

Start your brand now

Portuguese clothing manufacturer

Create your fashion brand from scratch

How we work

Create your own style

To create your own style, we need a technical pack with all measurements, sewing details, fabric composition and finally colour references. If you are also providing the fabric, we need the suppliers name and price per metre/ kilogram.


In case you don’t have the necessary information, because you lack the experience in textile, we can also help: – Send us a piece of clothing and we can copy the measurements and sewing details, so you can make your own style. Click here to check the fabric we can make. Portugal manufacturing clothing


If you don’t have references of the fabric you want to use, it’s important to send us a piece of clothing or a sample of fabric to use as reference, so we can find you a similar fabric.

Development samples and bulk production

One-stop manufacturer

Provide us tech packs and we make the magic happen!

We have full CMT capability (sample line /production line), using CAD and production optimization systems.
We can undertake most garment manufacturing requirements entirely in-house.
We can also produce our own fabric or source it.
We dye and finish over 50 different ways, and accessorize to your specifications.
If you require part production on a subcontract basis, then we can accommodate this too.

Crewneck T-shirt
V Neck T-shirt
Long Sleeve T-shirt
Cap Sleeve T-shirt
Pocket T-shirt
Ultra Heavy T-shirt
Garment dye
Acid washed
Ultra Heavy Hoodie/Sweatshirt
Over seems Hoodie/Sweatshirt, Zip-Hoodie
Garment dye
Acid washed
Puffer Jacket
Bomber Jacket
Corduroy Jacket
Work Jacket
Varsity Jacket
Biker Jacket
Chino Pants
Cargo Pants
Nylon Pants
Utility Pants
 Flannel Shirt
Oxford Botton Down Shirt
Cuban Collar Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Classic Short Sleeve Shirt
Denim Shirt
Linen Shirt
Office Shirt
Full control

Quality Control

Our team contains experts in quality control with independent autonomy that are in charge of the entire production phase, to guarantee the state of high quality of clothes in your production.

1- QC- when the fabrics arrive at our warehouse

2- QC in  pattern

3- QC on cut bulk production

4-QC on special sew operations, final accessories, ironing, individual packaging & labeling

We create you salesman samples for your future production

Fabrics & Dyeing

We are one of the few garment manufacturers with our own fabric and dyeing department/ line  This office is tasked with procuring suitable products which are monitored from prototyping right through to the finished product. The best benefit being that the run rates can be optimized to match your core product development in the main line , consequently enhancing efficiency and costs.

CFB green way : All fabric waste from the cutting process is reused to make new fabrics from recycled cotton/ or recycled polyester

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manufacturer for clothes

manufacturer for clothes

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For well-known and new brands

Create Garments from scratch


Having a diverse range of skills in clothing manufacturing, and with our highly efficient facility, we are able to produce Men’s, Women’s, and Children’s every day (casual) wear and sportswear.

We started our long journey in the luxury clothing manufacturing industry by the production of high-quality clothing in Portugal.

These skills are more diverse than just cutting and sewing; they also demand the need for keen cost management and pricing with an astute eye for fabric and accessory procurement. Add to this the subcontract printing and packaging requirement, and you have the complete package to fulfill your every need in this sector under one roof.

Private Label

Our Blanks collection

Style from our collection, choose and customize at your own taste.

– Create your fashion brand with our essential styles
– Without pattern costs
– With styles that fit the market
– MOQ for customized wholesale  – 100 pieces per color style

Blanks – No MOQ Retail

manufacturer for clothes

manufacturer for clothes

manufacturer for clothes

manufacturer for clothes


Learn more about what we do finishing and applications

Garment Dye

Pigment | Reactive | Cold dye pigment | Mould | Tie dye | Holes

Washing and special finishings

Stone wash | Fade out | Dry wash | Normal | Sand wash | Enzyme treatment wash | Silicone wash | Crinkle wash | Spray



Foil | Transfer | Water/Screen Print | Devoré/Corrosion


Manual | With stones | Rivets | With laser cut | With embroidery/ high relief | English | All-over

main services

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