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Manufacturers for textile in Portugal – essential styles

Manufacturers for textile in Portugal – Essential Styles

We have private label

Essential Styles we can use for your brand

Label Brand included


Brand label placement and included in the price

If you want or type of label brand you can order us

Woven Label Brand

T-Shirts made to your exact measurements,made from the highest quality materials in the worldand produced responsibly in Portugal.

About fabrics

Not All Cotton Is Created Equal

Cotton is categorized by fiber length (or “staple”), the fine individual strands that make up a raw piece of cotton.Some cotton species have shorter fibers. Others have longer fibers. Some even have extra-long fibers.

We want to make a T-Shirt that looks great and will last forever, so we chose the best.All our T-Shirts are made from the highest grade cotton available, 100% extra long staple cotton.

Styles In Private Label

T – Shirts



You can apply Embroidery and stamped your styles

Manufacturer High-quality for luxury basic clothes

Manufacturer High-quality for luxury basic           clothes

Manufacturers for textile in Portugal – essential styles

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