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Manufactures with experience in denim

Manufactures in Portugal

Create fashion brand is a manufactures with much experience in making coats or denim pants

We combine the know-how of years of experience in the denim universe with a range of partners and reliable suppliers. Thus we can guarantee the quality of excellence of a product with the signature “Made in Portugal”.

Our team consists of highly experienced and dedicated designers, pattern makers, seamstresses and quality controllers.

We believe in the importance of team spirit. The level of involvement of all members of our team in all projects is undoubtedly one of the factors of success and efficiency of our services.

Denim history, what we know how to produce

create fashion brand denim factory

Denim Jeans

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he term “Denim” has developed from the city of Nimes in France denim was produced for the first time. In the nineteenth century heavy cotton fabrics were produced in the Rhone Valley region of France. These fabrics were known as tissue de Nimes and Blue de Genes. The term denim and jeans derive from these designations.

The classical denim is a heavy fabric made from 100% cotton and woven from coarse indigo dyed warp and grey undyed weft yarn. The traditional denim is hard-wearing, high density fabrics with a high mass per unit area and a 3/1 or 2/1- twill weave construction.

Denim is available in attractive indigo blue shades and is made for a variety of applications and in a wide range of qualities and shades. Classical denim is made from 100% cotton dyed with Indigo blue shades. Besides classic indigo blue, denim is also dyed in other fashion shades and colors, the most popular being black denim. Denim is comfortable, fashionable, affordable and durable and popular in all the age group. Denim is available in different weight ranges from 6 16 oz/sq yd which is categories as light denim 10-12 oz/sq yd., heavy denim 14-16 oz/sq. yd.

Manufactures in Portugal

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand