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New ways to wear denim: style-inspired

“For a relatively simple fabric, denim sure does have a lot of connotations. While ripped and safety pinned jean jackets recall the punk era, the Canadian tuxedo brings to mind early ought mishaps á la Justin and Britney. Flares? Seventies. Boyfriend jeans? Wholly modern.

Anna Wintour’s first Vogue cover back in 1988 catapulted denim out of the drawers of the working class and the rebellious youth and into the finely curated walk-in closets of even the most discerning of fashion plates. Since then, and thanks to the likes of J.Crew in more recent years, denim has become acceptable for almost every occasion (weddings, funerals and court dates not included).

Whichever style you prefer, the question remains: how do you refresh denim so it remains a mainstay for yet another season?

For those wishing to go beyond the oft over-played hand of high-low mix, we’d like to offer up some new ways to wear denim. For a fashion-forward look, think about bold pieces, like a denim military jacket or denim cocktail dress in denim. And if our street style shots are right in terms of upcoming trends (and they always are) patchwork denim is destined to become the new distressed denim. You can thank us later.

New ways to wear denim

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