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What is a Jacket windbreaker?

The windbreaker jacket or anorak, otherwise known as a wind-cheater in Great Britain, is a short, close-fitting garment with a hood, designed for the upper part of the body to give protection from the wind.

The windbreaker, worn by men and women alike, is to casual dressing what the overcoat is to formal dress.


How windbreakers jacket are normally produced ?

How windbreakers jacket are normally produced ?CFB clothing manufacturer

How windbreakers jacket are normally produced ?

Windbreakers are made of breathable nylon and are wind and rain resistant. Their construction makes them lighter in weight and more compact. They are also relatively cheap compared to rain, hard shell and insulated jackets. 

A windbreaker is usually a close-fitting outer jacket that sits at your hips with an elasticized wrist and waistband. Windbreakers can be worn at any time however many people find them useful when camping, biking, hunting or during any outdoor activity typically in the fall season

Why do you need a Windbreaker ?

Whether there is a subtle drop in temperature or a chilling breeze, convective heat loss is greatly increased when there is movement in the air. A windbreaker jacket provides a barrier to slow this heat loss keeping you warm at all times.


Sustainable fabrics for  jackets ?

Sustainable fabrics are often made from natural or recycled materials, aiming to reduce harm either through the production process, fiber properties, or overall environmental impact.


Modal is another semi-synthetic material made from wood pulp but mainly that of beech trees. The naturally occurring yet human-made fabric is generally more delicate and softer than its lyocell sibling (see Tencel below).

Reclaimed (Deadstock)

Reclaimed fabric (often called deadstock) is leftover fabric from manufacturers. It can also mean vintage fabric or any unused material purchased secondhand which would otherwise be tossed.

By using deadstock, makers keep textiles out of landfills and use something that’s already been made.

Recycled Polyester or Nylon 

Recycled polyester is PET (the chemical used to create polyester) from plastic water bottles that have been broken down into fibers.

The recycled fabric keeps plastic out of landfills and can be recycled again many times over. When a garment can’t be made from 100 percent natural fibers (for example, stretchy garments like underwear or leggings).

we recommend looking for recycled polyester as it’s less harmful than its virgin counterpart, generating fewer carbon emissions in production.

Supplier /produce for Ethical High-Quality Jacket


Why choose CFB as a supplier?

High-quality clothing is all we think about producing, and we began this journey in Portugal. Keeping in mind the importance and benefits of eco-friendly products, we design our garments as a progressive vision for sportswear and contemporary fashion.

Our biggest passion is to be sustainable textile production that people can rely upon without worrying about contributing to carbon footprints.

We also have a wide network of quality suppliers all around the world who deliver premium-quality fabrics.

While offering the widest range of options to choose from, they also work proficiently to control costs and quality for practical and efficient production.

The products we come up with are certified by OCS, ISO-9001, OEKO-TEX, GOTS, which are the organizations providing sustainable product certifications.

Compared to other countries’ manufacturers, Portugal has a proven track record regarding human rights protection and is a member of several international organizations that promote human rights.

Not only this, but the legal authorities in Portugal also regularly check the employees’ working rights and conditions and whether a company complies with the environmental laws in place.


Ethical High-Quality Jacket supplier  : Services

From picking the best fabrics for your next collection to technical drawings, measurements, and references, CFB is a one-stop company.

For any further information or quotes please contact the office +351 252132697 | +351 912148425  on Portugal

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Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers - CFB

Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers – CFB

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