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Producing leather jackets in Portugal

Producing leather jackets in Portugal with Create Fashion Brand

works in exclusively way with one of the best Portuguese manufacturer in Leather Goods. It’s there that we develop all our collections of handbags.

The high know-how in the leather Industry and the Create fashion brand Manager with a life experience in the leather bag production, allow us to make this partnership a guarantee of quality success.

We combine the leather goods production and the shoemaking in one single house, one single project:

Producing leather jackets in Portugal ?

Portugal is able to offer highly skilled, artisan production at competitive prices, as Portugal is a low-cost European manufacturing base; we supply mainly to northern Europe, but we also export to all four corners of the globe. Our main area of expertise is in leather bags, leather shoes and leather accessories (such as wallets, purses, belt etc), generally operating at mid to higher price points, as the cheap and cheerful end of the market has generally migrated to the Far East.

Create Fashion brand Factorys

We’re in reality we are 3 Factorys:

1-expert in making fabrics woven jeans, chinos, jackets shirts etc

2-specialist knitt, t-shrits, cardigan, sweatshirts, hoodie etc

3-specialist in leathers, leather jackets etc

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand