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Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers List 2023 :

Interview with Margarida Santos, CEO of CFB -Create Fashion Brand .

Margarida Santos, CEO of Create Fashion Brand started this company to create a smart manufacturing
environment which can face challenges like increase productivity, sustainability,
ethical clothing manufacturing adequate reply to dynamic requirements of clients
as well as give them quality products with compliance certifications.


Eco-friendly products have gained importance because they provide Consumer safety, Resource saving and Environmental protection during the life cycle from raw material to product disposal.

Consumers are gaining awareness and NGOs/ Government legislation are pressuring the Textile and Fashion Industries to become more sustainable. Textile and Fashion are the 2nd largest polluting industries after oil and gas.

It produces 21 Billion Tons of garbage and emits 10% of global carbon emissions. We are killing our resources and if we don’t stop, we will be short of resources and our future generations will suffer the consequences.

To combat this, affordable solutions are required with sustainable technologies and CFB is providing them.


Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers CFB : Interview with Margarida Santos, CEO of Create Fashion Brand.-Sustainability Management System

CFB is a Portugal based manufacturer having a different perspective from the conventional fast fashion industry and that perspective is providing eco-friendly and sustainable products to the market. CFB produces high quality clothing.

They have been at the forefront of introducing sustainable technologies in the field of textile and producing green products for the last 15 years.

CFB experimentation on sustainable products started when there was zero to no knowledge regarding sustainability and now they have mastered in producing eco-friendly products.

CFB helps you design and produce different products of fashion like Jeans, T-shirts, Hoodies and Jackets.

“Making Sustainable Textile production of inspiring clothes is our passion”, with this quote from CFB we start the interview with Margarida Santos.


Sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers List 2023 :

Question: What is your company setup and its working environment?

Margarida: We are a group of three factories having knitted and woven garment manufacturing  lines in two cities of Portugal.

Throughout product development CFB implements ethical and sustainable practices such as waste reduction, recycling, resource saving, use of local supply chain and giving an ethical work environment to their employees.

The CFB family has 110 skilled employees which are constantly educated and trained to deliver high quality products.

Question: What makes your company different from other companies in regards to sustainability?

Margarida: At CFB, we produce high quality eco-friendly products, which promote ethical fashion.  For the last 15 years, we have researched and developed eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production methods. Research and development have helped us in achieving our goals of sustainability.

“We do not want to be a part of the production of a T-shirt for 3€. In next 5 years, you will pay an additional 10€ to recycle the T-shirt you have purchased.

Companies which produce the T-shirt for 3€ pollute water because they have no water filtration plants and use toxic chemicals/raw material. The remaining cost will be bear by the environment. At CFB we implement several measures to promote sustainability.”

Question: Can you please elaborate the measures which your company has taken to promote sustainability ?

Margarida: We consume the power generated by green sources. Solar panels are used to heat boilers to produce sustainable energy.
All resources are used in an environmentally friendly manner. Loss of water in our company was reduced through controlled tabs.
We recycle everything from paper, plastic, batteries and fabrics. Organic and recycled materials are promoted in my company

We have a state of the art production facility with energy efficient machinery and reinvestment policy to modernize our facility and process to be green.

Question: Are the products manufactured by CFB certificated from any professional sustainable organization?

Margarida: Yes, our products are certified from ISO 9001, OCS, GOTS and OEKO-TEX. These are the organizations which provide sustainable product certifications. They are globally recognized and have strict measures to implement.


Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers- See the positive impact of choosing to manufacturer your products with us

Manufacture for textile production with certificate GOTS


Question: Please tell us why Portugal is better at sustainability and ethical clothing manufacturers than Asia?

Margarida: Very Good question. Portugal as a nation respects human rights and we are part of global and regional human rights accords. You can only set up a company in Portugal if you give your employee proper ethical work rights and also implement environmental compliance.

Huge investment has been made in environmental compliance and recycling over the past few decades to reduce resource consumption and carbon dioxide emission.

Portugal is regarded as the hub of textile companies in Europe with skilled and educated labor.

High quality materials and garments are produced with specialty in pattern making with excellent craftsmanship.

In the opposite direction Asia is regarded as the worst at environmental pollution and companies there are violating environment and human rights. They don’t do research and development and use shortcuts to success.


Question: Please explain why brands choose your company to manufacture their product.

Margarida: CFB is not just a supplier, we’re rather your business partners.
Striving hard to make a change in this world related to eco-friendly products.

Our focus revolves around the ultimate effort to acquire sustainable raw material and give a fruitful
output for customers and the environment.”ethical clothing manufacturers”.
Our quality products are recognized and have won the hearts of our customers over the past 15 years.


CFB’s eco-friendly business is growing quite rapidly
and will reduce the carbon footprints in the coming decade.

So, work with us and enjoy the best services
in the field of sustainable green products.

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