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Sustainable/ethical Clothing manufacturers in Europe

CFB is a Sustainable Clothing manufacturers in Europe

When you think about how to find sustainable and ethical clothing manufacturers in Europe the first thought must be Portugal, request the following 3 things from any potential supplier you get in contact with:

Sustainable/ethical Clothing manufacturers in Europe


It goes without saying that to be really ECO , factories you work with must be ethical clothing manufacturers.

Sustainable/manufacturers/ fashion = ethical fashion. There must be no child labour or forced labour at your potential suppliers’ factory/factories


A clothing manufacturers need to have OEKO-TEX-Certified Fabrics, and Inks .

The sustainability of any clothing brand begins with its supply chain.

Therefore, in order for you to have a Green brand, you must work with waste minimization and recycling, resource efficiency and use of local supply chain.. They would definitively use materials that contain no toxic chemicals. OEKO-TEX certificates are solid proof of that.

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Eco Factores for clothes need to to implement several measures to protect our planet and lower CO2 emissions:

See the positive impact of choosing to manufacturer your products with us

Organic Cotton Fabrics is Sustainable

You should insist that the factories you plan to work with have GOTS certificates.

These certificates are proof that they actually use organic cotton yarns and/or fabrics. This is paramount if you are to work with sustainable



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