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various types of washing and techniques for denim

Destroyed Denim:
One of the most popular distressing effects currently , ‘Destruction’ is an art which make denim look unique & used. To make destruction pen type of stone tools being used in mid of wash process to apply on desired area. It can also be achieved by cutting it thru knife the warp yarns & keep the weft yarn as is to show white thread. Holes also can be made by cutting weft & warp yarns. These are all manual processes & every garment will look unique & different than others.

Different types of machine used for destroy the garments. Such as- 

  • Grinding Machine.
  • Emery Cloth.
  • Hacksaw Blade.
  • Needle.
  • Knife etc.
Destroyed Jeans


Process of Destroyed Denim: 

  • We can make holes in jeans by overdoing different methods. The trick is to make the holes look natural. Grind away at the fabric slowly. Try not to localize the worn area, spread it with diminishing wear the further we get from the intended hole.
Process of Destroyed Jeans
Picture: Process of Destroyed Jeans
  • The area around the hole should be worn out as well as bleached to further blend the hole with the surrounding fabric. “Finish” the edges with a pumice stone or sandpaper dampened in bleach. Also dampening a sponge with bleach and applying it to the outer edges of the hole will add to the natural worn look.
  • Ripped jeans are a bit different. The rip is not necessarily from wear, and should not look the same as a worn out hole.
  • It is important that what types of look we want to see on our denim. It is recommend to use a sharp pocket knife. Be careful, they are very sharp. Rub the blade of the knife perpendicular to the line of the rip that we want. Continue until we create a slit, and then fray the edges, exposing the threads that are perpendicular to the rip. Do this until the hole is the size that we want and the edges are fuzzy. A wash and a dry will further mess up the edge. To some extent this will control further fraying.
  • To reinforce this newly created hole, turn your pants inside out and place an adequately cut piece of fabric around it and sew it. An iron on will work as well, but the stitching, done either by hand or with a sewing machine, will make it look much better.
  • It is preferred that not too many holes, 3 to 5 should be enough. The current trend, however, seems to be for smaller holes.[10]

The scope of denim dry process is very broad.

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