Textile denim – denim in Portugal manufactures

Textile denim – denim in Portugal

Create fashion Brand – manufactures

Our knowledge of making denim (jeans) is over 25 years old.
We have specialized patterns, in cutting all kinds of denim.
We can wash your collection several times.
Let’s explain below the possibilities you have when working with our team Create fashion Brand – manufactures

textile in Portugal for Denim

Some clothes undergo two or three different dressing processes to keep the expected end result.

textile in Portugal for Denim

In this stage, the pieces go through one or different types of jeans washes – some use extremely high temperatures – and / or other types of finishes. Here are some of them:

Jeans Destroyed
It is a type of washing done with corrosive chemicals, leaving tears in the pieces and seeking to show the contrast of the blue of the warp threads with the white of the weft.

It is a wash performed with volcanic stones, light and porous (eg pumice stone), causing in the fabric uneven grooves when hit in the industrial washing machine.

Dust wash
It is a wash made in stained fabric that receives greyish dyes. Suitable for ready-made parts.

Bleaching solution.

Stone color

Product placement after Stone-washed in different color.

Old Stone color

It is a new wash with stone on the product retinture.


It is a very clear wash, made before the garment is made, made with bleach and chemical enzymes that lead to the complete and uniform fading of the jeans.

It is fading similar to bleached, but done after the clothes have been made.

Light used
Wash type made with high density chemical bleaches, causing wear and aging effects on light jeans.

 Medium distressed
It is a type of washing done in dark jeans with previous softening, and the fabric is then sanded manually.

Coating with resin and pigment.

Pigment color silver or gold color.

Gold wash
Wash done in jeans that has a medium estonada base with khaki overcoat, giving aging effect. Indicated for the finished part.