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Textile factory in Portugal

Textile factory in Portugal

Create fashion brand , a textile factory in Portugal producing for fashion forward brands since 1989.

we are a High-quality clothing manufacture- Portugal completely vertical.

We work with men, women and children’s clothing, offering casual, sportswear, swimwear, ready-to- wear, signature and haute couture fashions.

Our clients are German, Belgian, Spanish, French, North American and Scandinavian.

All have the same expectations in terms of quality and services.
We are fully equipped to respond to the demands of recognised labels in the clothing and fashion markets.

Create fashion brand

how fast can you develop samples/production? Depending on the time of year and the sample, if we use our fabrics in our stock normally we can develop the sample in one week. For production we normally have a delivery time of 6/8 weeks after receiving the order.

Are you an agent or a factory? 

? We’re in reality we are 3 Factorys:

1-expert in making fabrics woven jeans, chinos, jackets shirts etc

2-specialist knitt, t-shrits, cardigan, sweatshirts, hoodie etc

3-specialist in leathers, leather jackets etc

we develops the prototypes and molds inside and de prototypes .The productions are made in our partners controlled by us. We can produce men and women knit and woven fabrics.

Who to work

1- To create your styles we need a technical tab with all the measures of references of all the seams, techniques, references of fabrics to use, supplier, color reference, price per meter.

2 – if they do not have the necessary knowledge we can do it another way.

If you send a piece of clothing we can copy the measurements to make your model.

2.1- Since you do not have references of the fabric you want to use, it is important to send a piece of clothing or a sample of fabric to look for and give you a solution of a similar fabric.

manufactures for high-quality clothing production 1

manufactures for high-quality clothing production

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand