textile high-quality manufacturer in portugal -


Create Fashion Brand 

textile high-quality manufacturer in portugal -


Is dedicated

High quality textile

garment manufacturer for

luxury apparel  in Portugal 



textile high-quality manufacturer in portugal -


 Certificates and Projects 


Certificates & Projects

Organic Content Standard (OCS) 2.0

Finished knitted fabric – 50% Organic Cotton + 50% Cellulose Finished knitted fabric – 50% Organic Cotton + 50% Cotton Finished knitted fabric – 50% Organic Cotton + 50% Modal

Global Organic Textile (GOTS) 5.0

Finished knitted fabric -100% Organic Cotton Raw knitted fabric – 70% Organic Cotton + 30% Modal Raw knitted fabric – 90% Organic Cotton + 10% Recycled Polyester

Portugal 2020

International Investment Funds for Export Support

garment in europe , for Textile manufacturer best producer with gots certificate


CFB-  Is Company Textile garment manufacturer for luxury apparels.

Keeping all confection products in Portugal,

This way we keep alive infinitely Sustainable System!


On the Ecological Front CFB - Create Fashion brand has been implementing several measures to Protect Our Planet and Lower Emissions:
  • Producing 55% of its Electricity demand with Photovoltaic Panels
  • Usage of Natural Gas for the Boiler
  • Pre-Heating of the Water of the Boiler with Solar Panels
  • Recycling of Industrial Waste
  • Special roofing with major Thermal insulation
  • UV Ray Protection Films on windows to reduce air conditioning
  • Controlled tabs for Water savings
  • Eco-Friendly tube lighting
  • Limited Energy consumption machinery
  • Separation of office & human waste for recycling,
  • And more measures converging on the protection of our Planet.
Over the last 10 years, Create Fashion Brand reduced around 60% of CO2 which leads us to get Certification for Environmental Management System.
 Externally Create Fashion brand defends Social Compliance by supporting:
  • Local Solidarity Institutions
  • National Solidarity Institutions
  • Cultural Associations
  • Sports Associations
  • Artists
  • Sports Events
  • Local Schools
  • Local High Schools
  • Universities
  • Senior Associations
  • Kindergartens