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textile manufacturers in Portugal

Textile manufacturers in Portugal for Clothing Brands

Create fashion brand – Company

Our Textile Manufacturers group Sourcing of fabrics, trims, new printing techniques, new garment dyes/washes, etc all in Portugal and Italy.

Analysing thoroughly the tec les send by our clients and making the questions concerning doubts at once and not after already having begun with the process.

Our  textile team take care of the patterns check if all is alright.Most importantly is making  1st prototting for approval.

Design department capable of helping out if needed. Also showing new developments, always looking for the finest luxury details for luxury brand.

In general l’dips take 6-9days work . Meanwhile fabrics are being made and artworks opened. 2nd proto is made + strike offs of artworks are send to the client after max. 10days.
Before production we make a size set and 1 preproduction sample, if necessary this process is repeated. Usually lead-times are 6-8 weeks max including this whole process depending of course on the quantity of tyles/colours etc. Reorders take 3-4 weeks after order placement x at clients warehouse, of course also depending on the size of the order. The whole process of collection making, depending of course on the size and also quantity of different fabrics and colours can take 5-6weeks.

Create Fashion brand – Textile Manufacturers is :

SPECIAL DYES FINISHINGS & WASHINGS- with luxury quality for luxury clothes !

Finally types of Prints Cfb manufacture clothes make :


CMYK (four colours process) Gloss

Manufacturer T- Shirt Men high-quality

textile manufacturer in portugal



Garment Wash

Garment Dye

Stone Wash

Super Stone

Wash Vintage

Wash Bleach

Fade Out

Wash Retro

Dye Pigment

Produces in Portugal clothing with Create fashion brand , only for luxury brands !!!

Create Fashion Brand
Create Fashion Brand