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What is the 3 roles of aesthetics sustainability in fashion?Ethics + aesthetics

What is the 3 roles of aesthetics sustainability in fashion?Ethics + aesthetics

On a functional level, we wear garments primarily to cover our bodies and stay warm. We may have to wear particular clothes for professional or cultural reasons.

Or we may want to dress in a certain way to support our identity or as a sign of belonging to a certain group.

There are numerous reasons for what we choose to wear, but in many cases – perhaps most – choices are guided by the look that clothing creates, the aesthetics.

Today, there is certainly no lack of choice in clothing. Many fashion chains offer good-looking garments at very affordable prices brings new items into the stores every week.


If ethical fashion wants to find a place, it’s going have to look pretty similar, if not better, than its fast fashion alternative.

At the same time, through the joint effort of researchers, media and activists, the awareness of the problematic environmental and ethical issues in the clothing and textile industry has risen, such as pollution and unfair working conditions to mention only two.

Introduction Therefore, even companies usually seen as fast fashion, are increasingly including sustainability in their agendas.

For example, some fast fashion brands are committed to “provide fashion for conscious customers” and “use natural resources responsibly” with its Conscious line.

However, the speed of change that is being promoted by suspiciously cheap clothing, constantly new products, frequent sales, and excessive marketing is anything but sustainable.

Slowing consumption is one approach to ensuring more sustainability in fashion.

Sustainability approaches are many – though they tend to fit into two broad camps.

1. impact reduction – where changes are made, usually by a series of increments to current ways of working, thinking about and making fashion.

Typically it puts its faith in the ability of design, technology and managerial ingenuity to make existing systems more efficient and leaves fundamental, structural questions about fashion unconsidered.

2. sustainability creating – where change work involves the precepts of the system as a whole, considering fashion system purpose, culture, dynamics, rules, goals etc.

The latter is where the most profound shifts are possible, shifts like are seen as essential by the climate emergency and catastrophic biodiversity loss.


sustainability in fashion in Portugal

sustainability in fashion in Portugal

As garments aesthetics play such an important role in clothing choice, it matters equally in the context of sustainability.

In terms of developing attachment to clothing and therefore lengthening their lifespans, the aesthetic dimension is significant.

An aesthetically successful garment that is also of high quality is a more likely candidate for longevity. That’s why  CFB is committed to make a change in this world related to eco-friendly products.

Our focus revolves around the ultimate effort to acquire sustainable raw material and give a fruitful output for customers and the environment.

Our quality products are recognized and have won the hearts of our customers over the past 15 years.

CFB’s eco-friendly business is growing quite rapidly and will reduce the carbon footprints in the coming decade. So, work with us and enjoy the best services in the field of sustainable green products.



CFB sustainability in fashion

CFB produce high quality eco-friendly products, which promote ethical fashion.

For the last 15 years, we have researched and developed eco-friendly fabrics and sustainable production methods.

Research and development have helped us in achieving our goals of sustainability.

“We do not want to be a part of the production of a T-shirt for 3€. In next 5 years, you will pay an additional 10€ to recycle the T-shirt you have purchased.

Companies which produce the T-shirt for 3€ pollute water because they have no water filtration plants and use toxic chemicals/raw material. The remaining cost will be bear by the environment.

At CFB we implement several measures to promote sustainability.”

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