What We Do – As A Clothing Manufacturer


Jerseys. Circular Knitting. Woven Fabrics.

T-shirt, Polo, Henley shirt, Hoodie, Denin Jacket, Shorts, Long Sleeve, Crew Neck, Pants/Jeans, Chino, Biker-Jacket, Shirt, Vest, Dress…

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Crewneck T-shirt
V Neck T-shirt
Long Sleeve T-shirt
Cap Sleeve T-shirt
Pocket T-shirt
Ultra Heavy T-shirt
Ultra Heavy Hoodie/Sweatshirt
Over seems Hoodie/Sweatshirt, Zip-Hoodie
Puffer Jacket
Bomber Jacket
Corduroy Jacket
Work Jacket
Varsity Jacket
Biker Jacket
 Flannel Shirt
Oxford Botton Down Shirt
Cuban Collar Shirt
Chambray Shirt
Classic Short Sleeve Shirt
Denim Shirt
Linen Shirt
Office Shirt
Chino Pants
Cargo Pants
Nylon Pants
Utility Pants


Create Fashion Brand provides the following textile production techniques

— Digital printing
— Screen print 16 colors
— Screen water based ink
— Rubber Print
— Box Print
— Hologram Print
— Sublimation
— All-over print
— Vinyl & Flock
— Embroidery (regular, with applications, Tanaka, High Point, Chain Stitch, English Point effect, Fuwari, Sequined, Cord with ribbons and Cord with metal chains)
— High frequency
— Sequin and Bead embroidery
— Bonded seams (woven fabric )
— All types of fusion processes
— Special effects (foil, membranes…)

We work with a variety of fabrics and materials


We try to be as versatile as possible when it comes to fabric structures , weights and compositions. Here the list of those we use most frequently:

— Jersey
— Jacquard
— Fleece
— Piqué
— Interlock
— Rib
— Satin
— Canvas

— Double face
— Bonded fabrics
— Woven
— Flannel
— Denim
— Twill
— Sherpa
— Corduroy


Our most commonly used fibers

Fabrics compositions may include a wide variety of fibres. Here is a list our most commonly used fibres:

— Cotton (Organic / recycled)
— Wool
— Linen
— Polyamide
— Polyester/ recycled polyester
— Modal
— Lyocell
— Viscose
— Tencel
— Cupro
— Cashmere (for jersey)
— Acetate
— Triacetate
— Elastane
— Rayon

Fabric Finishes

Standard and Functional Fabric Finishes

A vast array of finishings can be applied to fabrics. These finishings can be standard or functional. Here is a list of the most commonly applied finishings:

Standard fabric finishes:

i. Mercerization
ii. Drying
iii. De mineralization
iv. Raising
v. Brushing
vi. Tumbler (shearling effect)
vii. Emery
viii. Carbon emery
ix. Heat setting
x. Simple shearing
xi. Formaldehyde-free and pre-shrunk shearing
xii. Shearing with elastomer treatment
xiii. Shearing with silicone treatment
xiv. Silk treatment
xv. Lyocell treatment
xvi. Anti-pilling treatment
xvii. Anti-oil treatment
xviii. Anti-aging treament
xix. Sanfor
xx. Compaction
xxi. Surface resin treatment

Functional fabric finishes:

i. Hydrophilic
ii. Hydrophobic
iii. Temperature regulation (PCM)
v. Aloe Vera
vi. Relaxing moisturizers
vii. Antimicrobial
viii. Anti-mosquito
ix. Anti-UV
x. Others (upon request)

We use gots and recycled fabrics

Eco Friendly

All of our cotton is grown using natural fertilizers and pesticides. In addition, genetically modified seeds are not used in their cultivation, which helps to conserve seed biodiversity and soil fertility.

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